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Empowering Efficiency & Integration: Mobily's Transformative Journey

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Mobily's Transformative Journey

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, Mobily, a leading service operator in Saudi Arabia, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its human resources processes and enhance employee experiences. With a vision of continuous innovation and a mission to exceed expectations, Mobily sought a robust solution to overcome their challenges during their transition from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle HCM. This narrative delves into Mobily’s collaboration with Wind-IS, an esteemed company renowned for its Oracle Integration Cloud and business process management expertise. Together, they conquered obstacles, found seamless integration solutions, and achieved remarkable outcomes.


Challenges on the Horizon: Rethinking HR Solutions

As Mobily began evaluating the Oracle HCM solution, they discovered that the system’s existing self-services were inadequate to meet their expectations. The available self-services could not provide the level of performance and user experience that Mobily desired for their employees. Recognizing the importance of delivering an efficient and seamless HR experience, Mobily needed a solution to enhance the system’s performance and usability.

Mobily strongly emphasizes branding and delivering a consistent user experience. However, they found that the mobile application associated with Oracle HCM had limitations and restrictions that hindered their branding efforts. To align the application with Mobily’s brand standards and provide a cohesive experience, they started evaluating other solutions that allow greater personalization and customization.

Another challenge that Mobily faced was that their existing frontend solution had integration and business process management limitations. They needed a solution that would use the HCM as an administrator and backend tool and develop a frontend that would seamlessly integrate with the Oracle HCM system. Three main requirements constituted the milestones for this project implementation; namely:

  • Ensuring smooth and full integration with already existing systems and suites.
  • Allowing for efficient business process automation and optimization.
  • Applying advanced security measures that could realize full integration with their multifactor authentication system, across all platforms.

Briefly, Mobily was seeking a unique solution that can provide a robust and secure environment for their employees by maintaining stringent security measures yet allowing for remarkable process automation and achieving a seamless integration experience.

Partnering with Wind-IS: Unleashing the Power of Integration

After conducting extensive market research and evaluation, Mobily selected Wind-IS as their trusted partner to address their challenges and find a robust integration solution. Wind-IS, renowned for its expertise in Oracle Integration Cloud and business process management, proved to be the ideal collaborator for Mobily’s transformation journey. Wind-IS, a recipient of multiple prestigious awards such as the Cloud Transformation Partner of the Year and Oracle Innovation Excellence in the Middle East and North Africa region, demonstrated their ability to deliver innovative and efficient solutions. With a shared commitment to excellence, Mobily and Wind-IS collaborated to seamlessly integrate Mobily’s HR processes using Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Process Automation.

The Results

Overcoming Complexity & Achieving Harmony in Integration

The solutions achieved by Mobily through their collaboration with Wind-IS and adoption of Oracle Integration Cloud can be summarized as follows:

  • Enhancing self-service performance: Wind-IS worked closely with Mobily’s IT team to address the challenges associated with self-service. Leveraging their expertise in Oracle technologies, Wind-IS implemented robust infrastructure improvements, optimizing the self-service performance to meet Mobily’s requirements. This enhancement ensured employees a smooth and efficient HR experience, enabling them to access the system seamlessly.
  • Adapting with Mobily’s front-end platform: To overcome the branding constraints of the Oracle HCM web and mobile application, Wind-IS developed a customized solution that aligned with Mobily’s brand standards. They integrated Mobily’s frontend platform with HCM based on platform requirements and restrictions, enabling Mobily to provide a consistent and personalized user experience that reflected their brand identity. This customization enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration and Process Automation: Wind-IS implemented Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Process Automation to address the integration and business process management limitations of Mobily’s existing frontend solution. They designed a comprehensive integration framework that connected Mobily’s frontend tool with the Oracle HCM system, ensuring smooth data flow, process automation, and end-to-end visibility of HR processes. This streamlined approach significantly improved operational efficiency.
  • Robust Security Integration: Recognizing Mobily’s security concerns, Wind-IS successfully integrated Mobily’s user-centric zero-trust security platform with multi-factor authentication platform, with the Oracle HCM system. They implemented a smooth and secure authentication process across all platforms, providing Mobily with enhanced data protection and ensuring compliance with security standards.
  • Leveraging Oracle Business Process Automation: Wind-IS helped Mobily break the boundaries between their requirements and the constraints of the Oracle HCM system, allowing them to leverage Oracle Business Process Automation for enhanced workflow management and improved employee experience.
  • Achieving Crucial KPIs: Through their partnership with Wind-IS, Mobily experienced a range of positive outcomes and achieved crucial key performance indicators (KPIs). Wind-IS’s implementation of comprehensive data store provided Mobily with deeper insights into their HR processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and a holistic view of their workforce.

Therefore, Mobily’s collaboration with Wind-IS and their adoption of Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Process Automation brought a transformative change in their HR processes. Overcoming the challenges associated with self-services, mobile application constraints, integration limitations, and security concerns, Mobily achieved its mission of exceeding expectations and enriching the lives of its employees. Wind-IS’s expertise, coupled with its innovative integration solutions, empowered Mobily to streamline its HR operations, enhance employee experiences, and unlock the full potential of Oracle HCM.

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