New generation of customer service

AI to solve customer service, call centers, and sales cycle challenges

The accelerated pace and scale of information technology industry evolvement, as well as the increasing demand on artificial intelligence solutions, has encouraged WIND-IS to become a distinguished contributor to this field. Artificial intelligence is considered a perfect solution to address a multitude of challenges imposed by the rapidly changing business environment across different sectors. Capitalizing on our valuable Oracle partnership, WIND-IS has decided to embrace Oracle Digital Assistant “Chatbot”.

The “Chatbot” as one of the most sophisticated AI tools, could easily navigate the intricacies of many challenges across different business areas especially those related to customer service, call centers, and sales cycle. It is usually employed to realize a number of targets, among these are cost minimization, effective time management, and task optimization.

Simplicity and access is the key

I have an inquiry, but I don't have time to wait, and I don't want to download any more apps. What about utilizing the already-installed apps?

Simplicity is one major feature of the “Chatbot”, it could be easily accessed through different social media channels; hence, the users experience a great deal of easiness in reaching customer service, making inquiries, or even carrying some transactions.

  • 24/7 service through social media platforms
  • it’s digital assistant not only automated answer machine
  • day by day improvement based on previous experience
  • Statistics, insights, and dashboards for customer behaviors
  • digital lead generation by knowing customer behavior and needs
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Oracle Digital Assistant

Through text, chat, and voice interfaces, we provide a full AI platform to build conversational experiences for commercial applications

Wind-IS robust experience in building Chatbot solution was notably manifested in a huge number of projects across different sectors; especially financial services sector and governmental sector around MENA region and Gulf area. Our expertise is strongly backed by the practical approach that we adopt that takes into consideration technological experience and sector specifics. Furthermore, WIND-IS, driven by its remarkable experience in integration technology, is capable of extending the benefits of this tool to link it to multiple number of systems; therefore, enabling the execution of many transactions in just few minutes.

  • Natural language understanding and machine learning
  • Integration with enterprise applications
  • Automated bot-to-agent transfer
  • Unified conversational experience with multi language support
  • Analytics, statistics, insights, and reports about your customer
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