Challenges and business sectors diversity

We employ our innovative approaches to create authentic solutions for every organization

Our exposure to a wide array of organizations across different sectors, providing such substantive and advanced technology solutions, has certainly contributed to enhance our knowledge and expertise.

WIND-IS, has been a part of many remarkable digitalization and automation projects; furthermore, it has constructed a number of “first ever” digital solutions. This accumulative knowledge has become our real product, that enables us to help our clients resolve their most complex challenges through bespoke consultancy services.

Business and technology understanding

Consultation is not about knowledge but practical experience

Stemming from our profound understanding of business needs, we believe that consultancy should be provided to business community as and when needed. Effective consultancy services should be fully customized in accordance to each client’s needs and requirements across every/any stage of the automation process. The flexible approach that we endorse coupled with our extensive experience across all areas and aspects of automation process has enabled us to diversify our contributions in the following manner

  • Request for Information Phase
  • Request for Proposal Phase
  • Data Gathering and analysis Phase
  • Project management and Implementation Follow-up Phase
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Business Processes
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Satisfied Customers
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PaaS for SaaS components

Digital transformation is not about choosing a specific technology

Every organization recognize the importance of digitalization; however, implementation steps are not always easily configured. We advise on various digitalization issues such as IT transformation, business process re-engineering, advice enterprise application architecture, business analysis, health check and tuning.

  • One of the most crucial steps to initiate an automation process is what we call “Pain Recognition”.
  • Some clients might be able to finalize the first step and accurately identify their pain; however, the assortment options, solutions, and vendors that might be available should be subject to a thorough comparison.
  • Strong validation of data gathering process is considered one of the most pressing prerequisites for the success of any automation project.
  • WIND-IS significantly contribute to the follow-up and testing process of these iterations to enhance the overall efficiency of the implementation phase.
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