Solution Development

Many customers forced to develop a solution from scratch because they have unique requirements that require a totally customized solution to address their difficulties, problems, and pains. This type of solution requires in-depth business knowledge and a highly trained technical arm with extensive practical and hands-on expertise.

In working with our clients, we make sure that we accurately identify their pain points, needs, and desired outcomes. This enables us to ultimately provide our clients with a high end customized product that best achieves the organization purposes

Technology components

Build state of art solution using Oracle technology

In WIND-IS, we believe that solutions should be uniquely developed to satisfy each organization requirements. Our technical knowledge is underscored by our full dedication to fully comprehend our clients’ perspective, and turn that perspective into practical, sustainable, and innovative solutions. Our range of expertise extends to include both on premise and cloud solutions, where our core contributions include:

  • Portals and Websites using Oracle WebCenter Portal for on-premise and Oracle JET or Visual Builder Cloud Service "VBCS" in case of cloud.
  • Mobile Applications using oracle JET, which facilitates cross-platform mobile and web applications.
  • Enterprise applications, managing complex and advanced crud operations/service, correspondence service, modernization of legacy solutions, or any solution that required a low code development.
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Business Processes
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Agility using Oracle PaaS

PaaS adoption is a key business driver

Predictable and consistent performance is one of the most essential production workload requirements for businesses to assure business continuity.

Efficiency, effectiveness, and risk reduction are the three concepts most frequently used to support IT decisions. In various ways, solutions built using Oracle PaaS fulfil each of these tenets.

  • Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)
  • Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)
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