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We believe that our product goes beyond digital solutions; our product is simply our knowledge. We combine our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with our technical skills to offer our clients a fully actionable digital transformation plan. This includes a wide range of services:
• Business Digitalization and Automation
• Solution Development
• System Integration
• Artificial Intelligence solutions
• DevOps and Cloud Management
Stemming from its profound understanding of business structures and technological platforms, WIND-IS decided to employ its innovative approaches to create authentic solutions for every organization. These solutions range from business process design and business process re-engineering and moves forward to reach business process automation which incorporates each stage of business process implementation, as well as execution procedures and performance metrics.
In 2020, Wind-IS signed global partnership with Oracle SaaS and EBS specialized partners; the two entities decided to merge to bring together the skills and resources of both firms to provide our clients with the best of what digitalization and technology could offer.
Since its establishment in 2016, WIND-IS has its own vision of the contribution it aims at achieving in this ever-evolving market, the technology market. We recognized that we should rise to the challenges that institutions are facing with the existing landscape of technology services. These challenges are mainly brought by the lack of adaptability and scalability of many technological solutions. Acknowledging this fact, we were determined to appreciate the uniqueness of each institution; and this what makes us different.
What We Do

Our Services & Solutions

Business Digitalization and Automation

We work with our clients to provide an extensive support in the field of business process management, WebCenter content “ECM”, digital assistant, process automation, solution development, and integration

Solution Development

Believing in individuality of each organization, we offer variety of solutions using different technologies, this including portals, mobile applications, migration services, Oracle APEX, Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

System Integration

We develop technically proofed solutions that fulfil integration requirements. This includes enterprise service bus, pluggable integration layer, adapters and connectors development, messaging and services unification

DevOps and Cloud Management

Realizing the crucial need to build and maintain a robust solutions; Wind-IS adopted DevOps activities which include automated provision scripts, code repository control, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and other DevOps practice


Every organization recognizes the importance of digitalization; however, implementation steps are not always easy. We advise on various digitalization issues such as IT transformation, business process re-engineering, solution architecture and more

Artificial intelligence solutions

Leveraging Oracle AI platforms including Oracle Digital Assistant and Document Understanding Cloud Service we developed our cutting-edge solutions that complements process automation and digital transformation cycle.
How It Works

Best Strategy for Best Outcome

Method Result

We work closely with our clients to build solutions that drive efficiency and reduce cost; our strategy is underpinned by a thorough assessment of existing business processes, automation systems, and technology used. In working with our clients, we make sure that we accurately identify their pain points, needs, and desired outcomes. This enables us to ultimately provide our clients with a high-end customized product that best achieves the organization’s purposes.


Keeping a connected perspective of technological solutions and services, WIND-IS is capable of offering its clients end to end solutions to guide them through their digital transformation journey in the most professional and prominent way.

  • Assessment of Processes
  • End-to-end Solutions
  • Digital Transformation   
  • Customized Product

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