Why DevOps is important

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) DevOps - where development meets operations

Wind-IS is a leading provider of OCI DevOps solutions, implement best practices, automate CI/CD, & optimize OCI environment for performance & cost. It provides a set of services leveraging the cloud-based infrastructure offered by ORACLE, through its engagement and methodology strategy incorporates proven and experienced personnel in infrastructure and DevOps services using a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables

We utilize smart DevOps methodology paired with a smart CI/CD architecture to automate the entire software development lifecycle; code build, testing, deployment, and running.
Oracle DevOps and OCI Management

Provision, manage, and automate builds and deployments for speed and reliability

DevOps is one of the recent additions to software development; it could be best described as an interdisciplinary collaboration between application development and IT operations. DevOps mainly aims at improving and redefining traditional methodologies previously applied in maintaining applications and modifying underlying infrastructure. One major contribution of DevOps is eliminating manual provisions and human interventions throughout process application to maintain environment agility and time efficiency.

  • Gain smart multi cloud management with IT infrastructure modernization and virtualization.
  • Real-time performance monitoring and smart analysis
  • Coordinate with vendor support to resolve technical issues.
  • Performance & Health-Check Reporting Utilization and cost reporting Capacity planning of resources.
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps Enablement and Installation

One-stop-shop for Infrastructure management, automated scripts, monitoring, identity management, and SLA

WIND-IS was able to position itself at the forefront of adoption of this methodology; by providing its services through DevOps platform to boost its productivity. DevOps activities provided include automated provision scripts, code repositories/source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery, application performance monitoring, scaling up/down using Kubernetes.

  • Terraforms automated scripts for provisioning and configuration
  • Connectivity, network, security configuration and management
  • Applications and environments assessment
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) Implementation
  • Utilize smart DevOps methodology paired with CI/CD architecture
  • Real-time actionable insights into your Oracle Cloud instances
  • Integrated observability and monitoringt through OCI Application Performance Monitoring tools
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