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Business Challenges

For a prominent Telecom provider, operating in seven countries and serving more than 50 million active customers, the satisfaction of its 5000+ employees is simply a no-compromise aspect. ZAIN: a well-known name that has positioned itself as one of the leading telecom providers in the Middle East. ZAIN was using ERP on-premises Oracle business suite to manage all its human resources operations. However, this legacy software has imposed many limitations on the modernization and upgrade of HR operations, entailed a lot of manual work, and paper-based communications, and suffered significant time delays.

ZAIN started its journey for the selection and identification to pursue the most effective and efficient solution; the aim was to find the most convenient modern solution that could overcome the shortcomings of the current E-business suite from one side and enhance employee satisfaction from the other side. According to ZAIN, the proposed solution should be an easy-to-use self-service platform that incorporates all HR operations through a modern UI/UX and supports both desktop and mobile deployments with different levels of security and authorizations. It is worth noting that ZAIN requirements, despite being very clear and well-identified from the beginning of the process, still kept evolving during the implementation phase to include aspects that are characterized by high sophistication and significant dynamism, among which the performance evaluation process. This process is a continuous process that takes place all over the year, it requires high confidentiality, frequent updates, extreme accuracy, and robust data collection methodology. 

ZAIN had two options to consider, the first was to migrate all HR data to a completely new solution, where this option was considered a relatively complicated and costly one. Whereas the second option was adding a new layer of automation to the currently adopted E-business Suite, where this layer would be used as a backend for the new solution. This new solution will be built using a highly updated and sophisticated UI/UX. Each of the abovementioned options has its pros and cons; with certain complexity issues, this includes the crucial need for a strong integration mechanism, as well as an extremely powerful automation platform.


Why ZAIN Choose Oracle… And WIND-IS

ZAIN carried out a thorough assessment of many Process Automation providers. This assessment has revealed certain distinguishing features for Oracle that make it the best solution to satisfy the company’s requirements and address its challenges. These challenges were reflected in highly sophisticated selection criteria that take into consideration the capacity of the designated platform to offer the following features: 

  1. Powerful and customizable worklists that support both mobile and web deployments and cover the whole range of tasks throughout the organization; i.e., daily tasks, dashboards, statistics, KPI management, and administrative work.
  2. A low-code/no-code visual designer tool dedicated to workflow mapping, as well as its presentation layers.
  3. Reusable decision models and business rules supported by a robust engine that simplifies repetitive tasks and allows for a streamlined decision-making process.
  4. Pre-built and customizable integrations platform that incorporates end-to-end adapters connecting disparate applications, document stores, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services
  5. Advanced tasks orchestrate across multiple disparate contributors that support task prioritization, such as claims, withdrawals, and reassignment.
  6. Advanced role/identity management and access control that ensures the highest standard of security and tracking across all the organizations’ transactions and activities; allowing for provisioning and de-provisioning as per needed.

Nevertheless, selecting a highly qualified and dedicated Oracle partner constitutes a milestone for the success of such a project. Hence, the assessment process has gone further to choose an Oracle partner who is capable of redesigning, implementing, and automating these business processes as required. WIND-IS was awarded the challenging project, and actually, the implementation results have even gone the extra mile.

The Results

In collaboration with ZAIN, WIND-IS was able to redesign, implement and automate all human resources business processes comprising more than 45 self-services serving 5000+ employees. The legacy E-business suite was used as a backend for the newly developed solution.

This has positively contributed to saving time and cost. Approval chains, authority matrix, and security measures were strictly applied, with complete avoidance of any shortcomings that were previously faced using the on-premises suite. Users enjoyed remarkable flexibility in accessing the services through desktop and mobile devices (available in both Android and IOS).

The delivered solution has been deployed using a set of tools including Oracle Process Automation, Oracle Visual Builder (VBCS), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) with EBS asserter component, Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Drawing on this experience, several gains could be depicted:    

  • Significant labor and operational costs reduction which is mainly attributed to automating recurrent and rule-based tasks; hence, achieving remarkable improvements in time savings, productivity, and resource allocation.
  • Availability of a helicopter view for top management and decision makers; thus enabling them to develop a strategic perspective on areas of improvements and bottlenecks, spot interrelations, draw observations, and optimize available resources and cost structures.
  • Enhancement of business processes’ flexibility and dynamism; hence allowing for continuous improvements and high adaptability to changes.
  • Development of outcome-driven processes based on automated dashboard reporting, statistics, and KPIs.
  • Standardization of business processes, therefore bringing huge efficiency gains including higher productivity, and cost savings, coupled with minimized human errors and redundancy.
  • Standardization makes onboarding significantly simpler. The same information can be imparted to all new hires. Consider lateral job movements and staff transfers. Employee retraining in new procedures is substantially less necessary when operational processes are standardized.
  • Comprehensive dashboards and analytics, Wind-IS implemented dashboards and analytics, providing Zain with deeper insights into their HR processes and enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Efficient employee performance review as the integration solution provided by Wind-IS, Zain was able to review employee performance more efficiently, leading to improved productivity and streamlined operations.
  • Leveraging Oracle Business Process Automation helped Zain break the boundaries between their requirements and the constraints of the Oracle EBS, allowing them to leverage Oracle Business Process Automation for enhanced workflow management and improved employee experience.

Achieving Crucial KPIs through partnership with Wind-IS, Zain experienced a range of positive outcomes and achieved crucial key performance indicators (KPIs). Wind-IS’s implementation of comprehensive dashboards and analytics provided Zain with deeper insights into their HR processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and a holistic view of their workforce.

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