Oracle HR Self-Service (SSHR): 2024 Quick Guide!

What exactly should you look for in your HR management system? How can you ensure that it aligns with your organization’s unique needs?


The answer lies in Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR), a solution designed to transform the way you manage HR processes.


In today’s highly competitive business landscape, your organization must explore the full potential of their human assets to stay ahead. 


That’s where Oracle HR Self-Service comes in. Oracle SSHR is characterized by the user-friendly interfaces tailored to individual roles.


In this article from Wind_IS, we will discover the full potential of SSHR and go

through 5 important questions about Oracle SSHR:

  1. What is Oracle Self Service Human Resources & how it can benefit your business?

  2. What are the key advantages of Oracle SSHR?

  3. What are the Key features of Oracle SSHR?

  4. How are self-service applications different from traditional HR systems?

  5. How to set up an SSHR System?

1- What is Oracle Self Service Human Resources & how can it benefit your business?

Oracle Self Service Human Resources (SSHR) allows hr employees and hr managers to access and update their information online.

The result is  a paperless workplace. This will reduce wait time, and streamline operations. 

HRSS includes two parts: Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS).

Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) enhances standard Oracle HRMS by allowing employees and managers to manage HR through a web browser. It is utilizing secure transactions and easy-to-use functionality. It is facilitating seamless integration between Oracle HRMS and SSHR.

So, how can “SSHR” benefit your business?

Choosing the correct HR Management System might be a challenge. With so many options available on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of your organization’s specific needs. 

However, by taking a planned approach,  you may confidently traverse the selection process and find the ideal fit. 

This is where Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) comes into play.

SSHR supports your business to be a global organization. Global enterprises must verify that all HR transactions meet local requirements. 

Oracle Self-Service HR ensures that local legislation Information is included in personnel transactions, such as transfers or terminations. 

This unique management system also supports local formats for addresses, bank information, dates, and numbers.

2- What are the key advantages of Oracle SSHR?

Oracle HR Self-Service (SSHR) main benefits can be summarized in these 3 points:

1- Empowering Employees: 

Oracle SSHR empowers employees with self-service applications, improving morale, satisfaction, and retention rates. It is allowing them to manage personal information, benefits, and time off.

2- Enhanced Productivity and Cost Savings: 

With self-service applications, Oracle SSHR significantly improves productivity and lowers labor and operational costs. 

As a professional HR system, it allows employees to access and update their information directly.

It is also freeing up HR staff to focus on more strategic tasks. 

This streamlined approach minimizes manual processes, paperwork, and communication bottlenecks.

The final result is increasing efficiency and cost savings.

3. Optimized Talent Management: 

Oracle SSHR integrates with Oracle E-Business HRMS. So, it is enabling organizations to enhance their talent management processes. 

SSHR comprehensive HR functionality includes recruitment, performance management, and learning management. Oracle SSHR helps organizations optimize their human capital. 

It provides a centralized platform to attract, develop, and retain top talents.

So, if you are looking for aligning HR strategies with business objectives, Oracle SSHR must be your first choice.

3- What are the Key features of Oracle SSHR?

The following features make Oracle SSHR a powerful solution for organizations, offering configurability, an intuitive user interface and dynamic workflow management.. Let’s discover: 

1- Configurability: SSHR allows for flexible personalization options to match corporate identity and specific business processes.

2- Intuitive Layout: SSHR’s pages and windows have an intuitive layout for easy business process execution without extensive instruction.

3- Dynamic Routing of Transactions: Workflow technology enables dynamic routing and approval paths for self-service transactions.

4- Delivery of Workforce Intelligence: SSHR provides manager functions for quick retrieval and querying of information.

5- Improved Accuracy of Data: Users can enter and maintain their own information.This reduces errors and ensures data accuracy.

6- Streamlined Business Processes: SSHR enables a paperless environment, streamlining processes and reducing administrative costs.

7- Integration with Oracle Approvals Management (OAM): Integration with OAM allows for defining routing rules for transactions. So, you can ensure correct approval workflows.


4- How are self-service applications different from traditional HR systems?

When considering HR management systems, choosing Oracle SSHR offers distinct advantages such as:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Web-based accessibility
  • Streamlined processes
  • Scalability
  • Configuration options
  • Accessibility for non-HR specialists
  • Customizable web pages

These unique features make SSHR an attractive choice for organizations seeking an user-centric self-service solution.


5- How to set up an SSHR System?

To start using SSHR in a test environment, install Oracle Human Resources R12 and the latest SSHR patch. 

Create a business group with two employee records and configure the Apache server. Apply the SSHR patch and set the “HR: Self Service HR Licensed” profile option to “Yes” if licensed. 

Assign Manager and Employee Self Service responsibilities to users.


Need expert guidance and support in setting up your SSHR system? 

Contact Wind IS today for a seamless implementation experience.


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