Business Process Automation in 2023

Top Trends of Business Process Automation in 2023

The following list includes BPA trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that have recently become the focus of digital transformation experts. 

Follow us to know why the following IT solutions are being the subject of experts’ talk: RPA, in-process mining, process simulation, low-code platforms, and more.

1- BPA feat. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

When business process automation tools start using artificial intelligence and machine learning they become very powerful. This will make the execution of the business processes more intelligent and faster, so that It will be easier to make informed decisions based on previous cases.

Why implement AI & ML in the BPA?

  • Better customer experience
  • Higher outcome quality 
  • Greater accuracy and errorless proneness in the business processes
  • Larger amounts of data are being analyzed.

Not to forget that AI can be used to create chatbots which will handle simple to medium customer inquiries and complaints.

2- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is one of the best technologies out there. It has many advantages, including:

  • Easily start and scale any RPA project according to the load of processes.
  • Organizations use it to easily automate repetitive tasks without a large initial investment or technical knowledge.
  • Solution vendors offer the ability to integrate their solutions with the best RPA tools available in the market.
3- System Integration with Other Technologies

Processes are usually:  

  • integrating with modern or legacy systems
  • reading and writing data from a centralized location, 
  • uploading documents to a document directory 

That’s why automation success is depending on having ready-to-use integration connectors.

BPA providers are constantly working to expand their list of connectors so that they integrate with other technologies used in any organization very quickly.

4- Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

Those are the platforms that allow developers to create applications with less code than traditional applications. Such platforms offer interfaces with drag-and-drop options featuring other tools to make it faster and easy to develop applications.

Using these platforms come with many advantages:

  • reducing time taken for app development
  • improving the quality of the app
  • making it easy for developers to update apps without long-time process.
5- Hyper Automation

It’s used for automation of complex business processes, as we integrate multiple automation tools with advanced technologies. That’s why complex business workflows are much simpler with the help of hyper automation. Therefore, experts recommend using hyper automation via digital technologies in the business processes from start to finish. Vendors are offering such technology type with advanced capabilities to accommodate the most difficult and time-consuming procedures.

6- Process Mining

To boost an automated process’s success without compromising quality or efficiency providers involve more than just technology. They utilize various techniques such as process mining. 

This method is used for: 

locating bottlenecks and determining what needs to be done to enhance a particular process. 

predicting future trends in a business process.

7- Process Simulation

One of the top trends in business process automation this year. It’s meant to be for organizations to improve their business processes to:

  • offer customers better services, 
  • deliver products or services more quickly, 
  • and increase agility.

As they should constantly look for smart ways, process simulation represents one of the newest smart ways to do this huge improvement. 

While it’s totally not effective to automate business processes as they are, here are the reasons why you should acquire process simulation:

  • Process simulation is used to locate bottlenecks that affect or slow down process execution.
  • Process simulation provides businesses with more modern methods of conducting business.
8- Customer Experience (CX)

One of the top trends in the digital realm and business world. It can have a huge impact on business processes and its success.

Customers always need to get the best digital experience while using your systems or apps, even if you possess the most powerful automated process. Digital technologies are now on the top of new generations focus points and interests, and they anticipate being able to perform tasks at least as well as those performed by your rivals.

9- Cloud-Based Solutions

It’s now the best choice for everyone to use cloud-based solutions for data migration or to carry out processes through an intuitive portal. Cloud-based technologies are the future.

Make sure the solution you choose for your business offers a cloud environment where processes can be carried out completely transparently, securely, and under your full control. They should also offer a comprehensive administration module so users can keep track of every case, task, and instance where a particular process is halted.

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